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About Western

Western Pulp Products has manufactured molded pulp products since 1958. Headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, WPP also operates a facility in Jacksonville, Texas.

We service the 50 States plus parts of Canada, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim. Our principal products are:

  • Plantable nursery and greenhouse containers
  • Paper maché and plastic floral containers
  • Patented protective packaging inserts
  • Vintner’s Choice wine shippers

All of our molded fiber (molded pulp) products are made from recycled waste paper

What sets us above the competition

  • Premium quality products delivered every time.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Competitive pricing that reflects our product quality.
  • Innovative products that meet the needs of our customers.

Responsible Manufacturing

Since 1958, Western has manufactured a variety of innovative molded fiber products that:

  • Divert waste fiber from landfills or incineration.
  • Displace products that are not biodegradable.
  • Use renewable and sustainable materials.
  • Recycle, compost or biodegrade after use.
  • Provide a steady source of income to non-profits and charities.

Unlike many products that are made overseas, Western manufactures in the U.S.A. with recycled paper in compliance with rigid local, state and federal regulations, and reflects our on-going commitment to conserve natural resources. Western Pulp recognized early on that recovered paper was an important raw material. Because as it was re-used in our products, it reduced the waste in our local landfills and ensured that we got the maximum value out of wood fiber

Here are some specific environmental facts about our Nursery and Greenhouse containers, Packaging products, and Wine shippers.

Learn more about the third-party certified recycled content of Western’s products. Third party certification allows our customers independent, verifiable data about our products and processes. We follow principles set forth in ISO 65. These principles include the following restrictions for the certifying agency:

  • No financial interest in our company (no shares, loans, grants, board members, etc…).
  • No conflict of interest by auditors.
  • No mixing of certificates with other services, such as training or consulting.
  • Transparency of standards and certification processes.
  • All clients must be treated equally.

How We Began

Jackpot from Paper Pots – Science and Mechanics, 1954 Starting with a bushel of old magazines and $250 for homemade experimental equipment, Ralph Chapman created a $100,000 industry, the largest of its kind west of the Great Lakes. Like most people with a new idea, Ralph was told the “days of golden opportunities” were gone and if it hadn’t been done before, it was obviously no good! But the idea of turning old magazines into cash was too good to stop, and Ralph Chapman didn’t discourage easily…

Read this entire article detailing the beginnings of Western Pulp, complete with vintage pictures.

Setting a Higher Standard

For decades, Western has been at the forefront of the molded fiber industry. As design innovators, our products continue to satisfy the demands of a diverse range of industries. Our goal is to provide premium quality, product innovation, customer service and value for the price.