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Traditional Sympathy Arrangement

Modern Traditions

Traditional sympathy tributes have long been a staple in the local flower shop. Our customers continue to order them, our
sales staff continues to sell them and so our designers continue to create them. What exactly does the term traditional sympathy tribute mean?

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A Tony Medlock Sympathy Design

Designs by Tony Medlock AIFD

Floral designs continue to be an important element in the grieving process so it is only natural that florists are keeping pace and promoting their sustainable, eco-friendly design elements…

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What’s driving demand today?

Biodegradable horticultural containers predate plastic but are capturing fresh interest from growers, retailers and consumers. One company that has seen sustainability come full circle is Western Pulp in Covallis, Ore.

Starting with a bushel of old magazines and $250 for homemade experimental equipment, in 1954 Ralph Chapman was the first to bring fiber molded floral containers out West. Western Pulp’s current owners purchased the business in 1958 and now have operations in six states. Even back then, before the environment was a societal concern, Western Pulp was diverting tons of paper from landfills.

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