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Flower Food Guidelines

Western’s Maché containers have been the choice of professional florists for years. Lightweight yet durable, Maché holds water without leaking, keeping arrangements fresh for days.

Proper use of Flower Foods with Maché Containers:

Western’s testing with the major brands of flower foods has demonstrated that when flower foods are mixed per label directions, leaks do not occur. Our in house testing of Western Maché containers consistently demonstrates that containers last weeks without leaking when flower foods are properly dispersed per label instructions.

On the other hand, when flower foods are added directly to the container in concentrated form (either liquid or powder) without premixing, containers will leak after a few minutes.

Western’s on-going production process quality control includes testing of sample containers from each production run. Test results have confirmed over months of testing that Maché containers do not leak and will remain firm when flower food solutions are properly premixed and then added to the container.

We have been told by flower food manufacturers that failure to premix the flower food at the proper concentration may cause it to be less effective and flower life may be reduced as a result.

Western Maché has been successfully tested with major brands of flower foods including; Floralife® Original Fresh Flower Food, Aquaplus® Flower Nutrient & Water Clarifier and Chrysal® Clear Fresh Flower Food. Florists should always premix flower foods with water per label directions prior to adding it to the Maché container.

Should you have questions regarding Western’s Maché containers please contact your Wholesaler, or Western directly at (800) 547-3407.