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Pulling off a Grand Event

In takes a lot to pull off a Grand Event: those mark-your-calendar parties, receptions, corporate events and weddings where the flowers, theme and décor must all work together seamlessly.

As an AIFD and PFCI designer, and as an art director for Flora and PDF magazines, I've had the chance to work with a wide range of materials over the years. I prefer using ReCreations containers for many reasons: first and foremost because they don't get in the way of the flowers. Their subtle elegance compliments rather than competes with arrangements. I also like how they can be stacked, paired, painted, cut, glued — truly, a medium that offers extraordinary design versatility. I hope you'll have a chance to try ReCreations for yourself, and see how effortlessly they'll work for your next Grand Event.

— Ann Benjamin AIFD, PFCI

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