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Here's to inventions and reinventions. That's what many people and companies are in the process of doing today - reinventing themselves, their products and the way they do business. This is not to say that florists have not been reinventing themselves throughout history, but more likely were experiencing an evolution of the industry.

It has been said, “Whoever invented the egg carton was a genius.” Flora agrees. Not unlike the egg carton, the standard mache has been a staple container in most floral shops for decades. In fact, this lightweight, sturdy, economical and recyclable container has most often been associated with sympathy designs. Biodegradable and made from recycled paper fiber, the maché's environmental qualities are often taken for granted. The most wellknown maché manufacturer, Western Pulp Products Company, saw the need to reinvent their most tried and true container - literally the backbone of their floral division.

Florists had often attempted to camouflage the original maché, but by adding color, and developing a classic shape and new texture, Western Pulp created a new hero for designers in shops across America. So here's to basics like rags and paper! Through innovative companies, these old stand-bys are becoming more valuable through reinvention - and are experiencing a renaissance.

Tony Medlock's award-winning approach to floral design is renowned for its dramatic architecture and use of exotic flowers from around the world. Tony, who specializes in corporate design, co-owns PJ's Flowers, in Phoenix, AZ.

ReCreations watertight fiber containers are made from 100 percent recycled paper and other natural ingredients, and are available in a host of sizes and three colors. These lightweight, economical containers are available from your local wholesaler. For more information, contact Western Pulp Products at www.westernpulp.com.

— Floral design by Tony Medlock, AIFD

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