Celebrations two part mache vase

Floral News

Ardith Beveridge

Times have changed, and so have our celebrations.

Without a doubt, a holiday means celebration. Yet in this day and age, everyone has different ideas about just what "celebrate" means! As designers, we need to be able to create at all levels — whether that means designing an arrangement that's more casual, more elaborate — or something entirely fresh and different. As an AIFD designer and Director of Education for Koehler & Dram's Institute of Floristry in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I love teaching my students how to expand their creative vision. I use ReCreations containers as part of my class because they're affordable, and I like to show my students how to increase their profit margins. Yet the containers also have a natural elegance that can mix it up with the most lavish designs. The colors are gorgeous — soft, subtle and versatile enough to work with the most diverse palettes. My students love them, and I know you will too.

— Ardith Beveridge AIFD

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