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Ardith shares her creation for V-Day

Ardith Beveridge in a Video explaining her idea for a Valentine’s Day arrangement with ReCreations.

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With Ardith Beveridge, AIFD

Times have changed, and so have our celebrations. Yet when the holidays call, we still make our way home … to a city loft, a country retreat, an urban townhouse — any place where we’ll find family, friends and the people we love. Sometimes we’ll gather for a reason: a holiday, anniversary, graduation, the birth of a new child. Other times, we come together simply because we can. We bring food. We bring laughter. And always, we bring flowers.

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Floral arrangement

A collection of Great Ideas

Spring beckons. Color flirts and sings. Anew season unfolds with freshness and excitement. It’s a celebration all right, and nothing compliments more than recreations containers.

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Ann Benjamin AIFD, PFCI

Ann again sets a new mark for ReCreations. Whatever the special occasion: parties, receptions, corporate events or weddings, Ann’s ideas are perfect in bringing together flowers, theme and décor.

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Tony Medlock AIFD

Tony’s rich designs celebrate the holidays with a merry use of color and lines, and a gala of festive flowers. Whatever the party, event or celebration, ReCreations are the perfect choice.

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Brian Smith floral arrangement

Brian Smith AIFD

The change of the seasons brings a wonderful palette of rich autumn colors. What better way to capture the magic of the fall season than with the great designs of Brian Smith, featuring ReCreations.

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White Wedding Cover

J. Keith White AIFD

Florists and other professionals, who have seen Keith’s floral designs as presented in the “White Wedding brochure, have endorsed it as a new standard of style for outdoor and indoor weddings.

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Brian Smith, AIFD

Nothing complements the twinkling lights, and rich festive colors of the holidays more than ReCreations. Brian has created wonderful designs that share a rich pallet of color and texture celebrating the wonder of the holidays.

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Jack Richards AIFD

Seasons change. So should great design. Jack’s philosophy is, “Never hesitate to try something different.” ReCreations containers are the perfect choice to update favorite traditions or create new traditions of your own.

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Kim Morrill

Kim Morrill AIFD

Kim’s piece outlines how florists can transform traditional flowers and plants into something new and exciting for the holidays. By using ReCreations, your customers break away from the ordinary and will be rewarded with profitable sales!

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Matt Wood

Matt Wood AIFD

Customers will love Matt’s ideas for Mother’s Day with their elegant mix of modern colors and traditional elements. These refreshing designs are right on target for florists to use during Easter, spring parties, weddings, and other events.

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René van Rems

René van Rems AIFD

Every designer brings a unique vision to an arrangement. René is constantly looking for ways to make designs more profitable, while offering the highest level of style

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Flora Magazine cover

ReCreations Featured in Flora Magazine

You’ve spent the last three months planning a large corporate event. Everything has gone relatively smooth during the planning stages. A few changes along the way, but no big deal. You are quite pleased with the floral product that arrived. All of the centerpieces have been completed, the delivery van is loaded and on the way to the even for set-up. So far, so good.

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Flora Magazine cover

Floral Design by Tony Medlock, AIFD

Here’s to inventions and reinventions. That’s what many people and companies are in the process of doing today - reinventing themselves, their products and the way they do business. This is not to say that florists have not been reinventing themselves throughout history, but more likely were experiencing an evolution of the industry.

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