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Installing Nylon Hangers

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Cold Temperatures may affect hanger installation

Customers in Northern areas with extreme cold temperatures may experience installation difficulties with Western's 10” and 12” fully waxed hanging baskets.

While storing hangers and baskets in unheated areas during cold temperatures will not harm them, it can cause the nylon hanger to become stiff.  Residual wax that may remain in the eyelet on the basket will also stiffen when subjected to cold temperatures.  The resulting effect of the increased stiffness can make inserting the nylon hangers into the eyelets on the baskets difficult.

Western recommends the following steps to insure proper installation of its Nylon Hangers:

  1. Make sure that baskets and hangers are reasonably warm before attempting installation.  This can be easily accomplished by placing a supply of hangers and baskets in a greenhouse or other heated area the night before use.  This will allow the hangers to warm up making them more flexible as well as softening any residual wax remaining in the eyelet of the baskets.
  2. When installing the hangers, be sure to take the inside two strands (B & C) and insert them into eyelets across from each other.  Take the ouside two strands (A & D) and insert them into the remaining two eyelets.  Be sure to push the end of the hangers completely into the eyelet until the “click” is heard.  This will insure that the “wings” have locked the hanger into the eyelet and the hanger is properly installed.

Nylon Hanger Illustration

Western’s fully waxed hanging baskets and nylon hangers are a winning combination.  Growers across the country are building their Premium Basket program around Western’s molder fiber baskets, and we appreciate their decision to choose Western.

Should you have any questions regarding Western’s Fully Waxed Hanging Baskets and Extra Strong Nylon Hangers, contact us at (800) 547-3407.