Planting a bare root rose pot

It’s Bare Root Time

Premium Quality Containers

Planting a bare root rose.

- Start the selling season earlier for retail garden centers by allowing immediate sales in plantable molded fiber containers. Typically it can take up to 90 days for a rose to establish a viable root ball after planting. Western provides planting Pot 'n All cards at no cost to consumers.

- The superior insulation of fiber containers protects against cold early season temperatures and hot summer extremes.

- Pourous molded fiber breathes, encouraging stronger root growth.

- Molded fiber containers prevent water channeling, common when irrigating plastic containers.

- Western's fiber containers are strong and durable. They are designed to be tough enough to be handled multiple times during field potting, shipping, display at retailers, and by the customers.

- Plants stand upright, and are easier to handle and display in fiber pots than bagged or healed-in bare root stock.

Your local distributor has the most popular sized Western molded fiber containers in stock and ready to ship. See our small and medium container page for detailed information on each size.

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