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Western's molded fiber containers provide good insulation against heat and cold compared to other materials. Molded fiber (cellulose) is an excellent insulator. For example, note the relative “R-Values” for materials commonly used for pots, hanging baskets, etc.:

Molded Fiber Pot

.446” - Nominal Wall Thickness
2.643 - R-Value per inch of thickness
1.178 - R-Value for this wall thickness

Wood Container

.75” - Nominal Wall Thickness
1.11 - 1.48 - R-Value per inch of thickness
0.83 - 1.11 - R-Value for this wall thickness

Plastic Pot

.05” - Nominal Wall Thickness
0.44 - R-Value per inch of thickness
0.022 - R-Value for this wall thickness

Resistance (R-Value) = (Farenheit degrees x Foot^2 x Hour)/BTU. Data extracted from Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory, Report #823-16298 & ASHRAE Pocket Handbook, 1987 edition.

In this example, the molded fiber had approximately 50 times the insulation value of the plastic container, and a slightly better value than a cedar container with a wall that was 1/2 again as thick as the molded fiber container. This scientific comparison provides a great example of the superior insulating quality of molded fiber.

This makes molded fiber a container value that's hard to beat when the health of your plants require insulation from temperature extremes.