Large containers with shovel.

Benefits of Molded Fiber

Premium Quality Containers

With escalating production costs, you can't afford to have your plants viewed as a commodity. Savvy growers are looking to more profitable markets by growing premium plants. Even in the most challenging growing regions, Western's Premium Molded Fiber yields superior plants — with higher profits for both growers and retailers.

In the Greenhouse Grower article, A Search For Quality, Jerry Montgomery has this to say about molded fiber hanging baskets: 

“ If you compare the price point of a 10-inch plastic hanging basket versus an 11-inch fiber basket using basic seed annuals, the retail price point is usually $3 to $5 higher for the fiber basket. The grower gets $2 to $3.50 more, and the retailer increases their sales revenue and has a happy consumer.” …

“It seems as though the higher performing manufacturers are able to establish a different price because they don’t fear discussing prices with the national retailers. If a manufacturer invests in product quality and merchandising – consequently driving up sales for the retailer – then the opportunity to garner better prices is available.”

Our performance-engineered containers are designed to provide a perfect growing environment.

Brass Eyelets & Nylon Hangers - For hanging baskets. Available with extra-strong nylon hangers that snap easily into no-rust brass eyelets - saving time and labor.

Heavy Duty Design - Premium Molded Fiber construction yields an extremely strong, water resistant and durable container.

Engineered to breathe - Even our wax permeated fiber construction is micropourous, retaining soil moisture while allowing plants (and soil) to breathe - promoting healthy soil and roots.

Superior Insulation - Higher “R” values than plastic or wood without the evaporative loss of moss or coco - virtually eliminates channeling and ensures watering efficiency. When the center drain hole drips on a Western container, the plant is thoroughly watered.