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Plant selection at Home Depot in Atlanta

A marketing consultant shared his findings on plant size, color, and more.

Marketing consultant Jerry Montgomery visited hundreds of garden centers last year and shared his findings on plant size, color and more with us.

Packaging adds perceived value both to the retailer and the consumer. If you compare the price point of a 10-inch plastic hanging basket versus an 11-inch fiber basket using basic seed annuals, the retail price point is usually $3 to $5 higher for the fiber basket. The grower gets $2 to $3.50 more, and the retailer increases their sales revenue and has a happy consumer.

As an industry, we are struggling to grow our consumer sales, some of our largest customers have declining same-store sales, and the consumer is under more economic pressure than at anytime in recent history. Now is the time to do everything we can to provide products that ensure consumer success. Provide retailers with products that say “wow,” making it hard for the consumer to pass up.

Currently, there are growers supplying the national retailers who are experiencing significant increases in same-store sales by addressing and executing on the above-mentioned issues. If we put products in front of the consumers that are the right size, have enough color to attract their attention and do whatever we can to ensure a pleasant shopping experience, the demand for floriculture products will grow at an increasing ra

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