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Increasing installation speed

Western Pulp is introducing a revolutionary product to the nursery industry: our new clip-on nylon hanger. Until now, hanger installation was often a bottle-neck in the process of planting molded fiber hanging baskets. Our new hanger removes that bottle-neck, increasing installation speed by as much as 50 percent.

In the past, installers needed to go through a time-consuming process of separating hangers. The barbs used to attach hangers to baskets also tended to grab other hangers in the bag.

Now, workers need only remove hangers from the bag and grab one off the pile. A lengthy separation process is no longer needed before installation.

With other plastic hangers for pulp baskets on the market, attachment involves locating an eyelet in the side of a basket and carefully inserting a barb through that eyelet. Then the process has to be repeated 3 more times.

The ease of attaching our clip-on hanger significantly outpaces the old way. Just attach 2 opposing clips at once and snap on the other 2 and you’re done. Notches we’ve built into to the new rolled rim make positioning easy.

Growers who sleeve their baskets before shipping love how our new clips don’t snag the air holes in their sleeves, saving time in yet another step of the process.

We tested this new hanger around the U.S. for an entire season in a variety of conditions. It received glowing reviews. And Western still has the highest maximum weight of any plastic hanger in the molded fiber market at 26 pounds.

Western’s new clip-on hanger changes the game for molded fiber hanging baskets. Just ask for clip-on hangers this year when placing your basket order. Increasing efficiency by up to 50 percent is rarely so easy.

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