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Here at Western Pulp, we have updated our line of premium hanging baskets and extra strong nylon hangers. Our molded-fiber baskets now have a rounded or “rolled” rim, de-nesting lugs, and an optional reservoir bottom.

The old flat rim sometimes interfered with nylon hanger installation, but our new rolled rim does not, making installation easier and more secure while improving the strength and appearance of our basket.

To further increase speed and ease of hanger installation, we made 3 improvements to our hanger. First, we added a larger thumb contact area to disperse the pressure required to push connectors through our brass eyelets. Second, we added a pilot tip, which helps each connector find an eyelet faster. And third, we increased the barrel length to ensure the barb end of each connector gets inserted securely in the basket.

Our wax permeated hanging baskets were at times difficult to separate. In response to customer input, we added de-nesting lugs, which together form a shelf preventing baskets from seating too tightly when nested for shipping. The baskets now come apart with relative ease and less time is required to separate baskets on the planting line.

For customers who want a built in internal saucer, a reservoir bottom option is now available as a special order for no extra charge.

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