Small nursery container, up close.

Small + Medium

Premium Quality Containers

Ideal for potting bareroot roses and small fruit, shade or flowering trees.

Also ground cover, liners, berries, deciduous and evergreen shrubs, perennials, broadleaf evergreens, conifers and field-dug plants. Medium containers are great for small specimen trees and for displaying B&B stock. Popular for patio and balcony gardening. Packaged in moisture-resistant sleeves and available in bulk for large orders.

Product Code: 1003 Volume: 1.03 gallons (3.90 liters)
Interior: diameter 7⅜"(18.7cm) top, 5⅞"(14.9cm) bottom | height 6¾"(17.1cm)
Exterior: diameter 8¼"(20.9cm) top, 6¼"(14.9cm) bottom | height 7⅛"(18.0cm)
Case: 44 each | 17 pounds | 3.6 cubic feet 100 Bulk: 34 pounds | 8.5 cubic feet
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