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Harts Family

“Our plants flourish in containers from Western Pulp Products. It’s easier to grow plants in these containers – the plants just like it better.” — Doug Hart, Harts Nursery, Jefferson, OR

Charles and Margaret Hart began growing nursery stock in 1968 in Jefferson, OR. From that first greenhouse grew the largest wholesale bedding nursery in Oregon.

Three generations later, Harts provides quality products to major retailers such as Fred Meyer, Albertsons, Bi-Mart and Walmart.

Harts Nursery began using Western Pulp’s molded fiber nursery containers in the late 1970s.

Western Pulp shares with us our passion for growing,” says Marlene Looney, Harts’ sales manager. “And their customer service is wonderful… We feel like they are part of the family.

Doug Hart, third generation to be involved in the Hart’s family business, says “Quality is more than just a word to us. Quality is making vendors successful and consumers happy.”

Harts Nursery hanging baskets are known by customers as some of the healthiest and most showy baskets available.

The certified recycled content of Western’s containers helps, too. “Using a recycled product enhances our quality,” says Doug. “Western Pulp is just the natural choice for a renewable resource.”

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David Fredriks

“We sell to quality retail nurseries, and they want to be different from the box stores down the road. Western’s premium baskets look so much better than plastic — they just say quality. And our retailers know this is a product with a shelf life: these are larger containers, so baskets are more lush. And the flowers grow better, because the baskets retain moisture better. Our job is to make our retailers stand out to their customers, and Western Pulp helps us do that.” – David Fredriks

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Don Visser

“The performance of Western’s containers in Montana’s challenging growing climate were so great, it changed our whole approach to business. We now focus primarily on delivering premium plants to added-value retailers.” – Don Visser

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Monnie Garnette

“We’ve used Western Pulp containers for over 40 years. Now our customers come in and ask for molded fiber, because they know it will grow a better plant than plastic.” – Garnette Edwards

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Dana and Kevin Moss

“We’ve used Western Pulp containers for 30 years. They’ve become the regional standard for high quality, good growing baskets. Plus, these are great folk to work with.” — Dana and Kevin Moss

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