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Box manufacturer's certificates 2010

October 1st, 2010 Written by Sterling Anthony, CPP

Here are some perspectives on Mullen vs. ECT in relation to certifying corrugated boxes.

In 1991, the edge crush test (ECT) became an alternative to the bursting strength test (a.k.a Mullen) as a declaration on box manufacturer's certificates (BMCs). Much has occurred during the almost two decades since, justifying a retrospective and a look ahead.

Mullen measures the force (in pounds per square inch) required to burst the combined board, making it an intuitive, though indirect, measure of the box's ability to withstand rough handling. ECT measures the force (in pounds per linear inch) required to crush a sample of board standing on an edge. The result is regarded as an indicator of the compression strength (the force that can be withstood momentarily before causing collapse) of a box made from the board.

So, how does a shipper specify the designation that will appear on the BMC?

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