Placing corner guards and edge guards in package.

Ready-to-Use Packaging

Inner Pack

Box of ready-to-ship FC200 pads.

Out-of-the-box thinking

If you pack product, you know the latest challenges:

Manufacturers must do more with less—in product and packaging, cost containment is crucial.

What’s more, environmental regulations have changed the nature of painted or applied finishes. Many are softer and more delicate than their catalyst-based predecessors.

Most corrugated carton manufacturers now use greater recycled fiber content, reducing container strength and protection.

The shipping environment has changed, too: common carriers, contract trucking fleets and LTL shipments all mean more handling and less control.

The solution is something that’s literally out-of-the-box: high-performance, low cost, ready-to-use packaging from Western.

Low cost protection. Simply put, you won’t find better Inner Pack protection at a lower everyday price—even compared to corrugated and EPS alternatives. For pennies a pad, you can protect expensive product and ensure satisfied customers on the receiving end.

Always in stock. Your days of dedicated inventory are over. A quick phone call to one of our nationwide distribution points will have Western CornerGards and EdgeGards on their way to you, usually within 24 hours.

Ease of pack out. Corner guards and edge guards aren’t just easy to use. They’re easy on the user. No cutting, assembling or repetitive motions are required. Just set corner guards in place, and snap apart edge guards to the length you need—there’s no hassle or waste.

The big picture. Our product isn’t just fully recyclable, it’s made from 98% recycled paper fiber (as certified by Scientific Certification Systems), helping manufacturers to meet their environmental goals through the use of recycled paper packing materials.

Knowledgable advice and service. Contact Us. We’ll help you determine the most efficient, low cost way to use our Inner Pack. If you need custom packing applications, we can help there too.