Overhang corner protector on cabinet.

Overhang Protectors

Inner Pack

Cutaway Reveal

For overhangs, offsets and reveals.

New Reveals solve the problem of corner protection for case goods and occasional tables with overhangs, offsets, and reveals. This T-shaped industrial cushion has a patented rib-and-tunnel technology that provides a no-crush clearance zone for this challenging area. Nonabrasive too, with a sueded, felt-like lining that reduces marring of delicate finishes.

Sized to fit most case goods, they’re easy to pack, locking in place once inserted. Western's reveals have weight-bearing surfaces that are engineered to stack in a warehouse environment. Use in tandem with other Shock Blocks such as Corners, Edges, and Frames.

Let us show you the best way to configure Shock Blocks for your product line. As part of our service, we will work with your staff on the factory floor to ensure successful implementation.

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