Toe space and corner protectors

Standard Protection

Inner Pack

Toe kick protectors on all corners.

Guard against hand trucks and reduce hinge damage.

Our standard toe space protectors are engineered for the ultimate in protection, with two specific clearances: value-priced 1/2", and premium-performance 5/8".

Toe space protectors extend up the door face and underneath the cabinet, keeping doors and lower drawers secure, reducing hinge damage and  protecting against prying by hand trucks. They have deep base protection, extending under cabinet base for secure positioning of pad.

Like our other corner protection and edge protectors, the toe space protectors are recyclable and made from 98% recycled paper fibers which are biodegradable in the natural environment. They are designed for a secure fit in a wide range of toe space heights and depths.

For extra protection, try using toe kick protectors on every corner of your product. Click in the thumbnail for an example.

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