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Corrugated cardboard is the most popular wine shipper, with molded pulp following closely behind.

From Wine Business Monthly:

“Overall, the most highly rated wine shipper is molded pulp, which earned a 3.9 rating in 2013, followed closely by corrugated cardboard with a 3.8 rating (Chart 6 ). EPS received a 2.6 rating and plastic inserts a 2.2 rating.”

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Half of wineries opt for lighter glass; corrugated cardboard and molded pulp are the most often used shippers.

From Wine Business Monthly:

“When it comes to image and consumer perception of a shipper, molded pulp earned the highest rating, closely followed by corrugated cardboard (chart 8). While all four shipper types earned similar ratings for bottle/label protection, foam/EPS led the group by a small margin.” … “In terms of environmental friendliness, wineries of all sizes rated molded pulp the highest (4.1 percent), closely followed by corrugated cardboard (3.9 percent). Plastic inserts and foam/EPS rated much lower at 1.9 and 1.6 percent, respectively.”

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Which shippers are safest, cheapest and greenest?

From Wines and Vines:

“Pack n’ Ship will use whatever materials the client requests, but a conversation with Jeff Weiss, operations manager, and Rick Gant, from the company’s supplier Landsburg Packaging Plus, revealed a strong bias for old-fashioned, biodegradable molded fiber “laydown” inserts. Pack n’ Ship sources the familiar “egg carton” trays from Western Pulp Products Co., which uses a minimum of 99% post-consumer recycled paper, verified by Scientific Certification Systems, for its patented Vintner’s Choice wine shippers.

Gant, introduced as “more partner than supplier,” said bluntly that while his company can provide wineries with any current shipping option, “I would recommend pulp.” Though bulkier than corrugated inserts (a serious consideration for the smallest wineries), Weiss said that all-corrugated shippers are heavier, weighing down the bottom line and the carbon footprint by as much as two pounds per shipment. Corrugated manufact urers also have imposed “three major price increases this year,” Weiss said.”

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3-6-12 XL with multiple bottle sizes.

Introducing the most versatile shipper on the market today.

The new 3-6-12 XL was designed to be a single tray solution to the problem of fitting unusual and extreme bottle profiles, including those with large diameters, high shoulders, tall, slender lengths.

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Consumers are starting to expect sustainable-oriented packaging.

Insights from The Hartman Group:

“While it’s the intrinsic contents or use of a product that determines a purchase, consumers within the World of Sustainability (who make up 88% of our population) view sustainable packaging options as “simple” measures that all manufacturers can take; therefore, it is a minimum requirement for all products, even if the products themselves don’t resonate as sustainable.”

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Consumer Attitudes on Packaging & Sustainability, a new report commissioned from GfK by Pro Carton, shows unequivocally that sustainability in packaging is important and consumers are interested in, and concerned about, this issue. More than 64 percent of respondents said that packaging should consist of environmentally friendly materials and more than 55 percent felt that packaging should contain as little plastic as possible. People are aware that cartons are made from a renewable resource and that they can be recovered and recycled more effectively than other materials. As one respondent says, “Cartons or paper can be reused in various ways. Furthermore, they are produced from renewable resources.” Consumers also felt that cartons made of cartonboard were easier to recognize on the shelf and one said “plastic harms the environment and the look of a product.”

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An Informal Test of Wine Shippers

a Wine Business Monthly Article

“Most people expect EPS to be a far better thermal insulator than paper molded pulp trays. A February 2009 Wine Business Monthly article suggests that the belief that EPS is a superior insulator for wine shipments is widely held by people in the wine industry. I decided to conduct some tests to determine which packaging material is best at protecting wine from heat.”

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We recently released our Vintner’s Choice 1.5 liter Magnum Wine Shipper. Like our other Vintner’s Choice wine shippers, the Magnum was developed with input from leading consumer-direct fulfillment and supply chain services for the wine industry. The new 1.5 liter biodegradable molded fiber shipper is the latest response to feedback from such leaders.

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