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Which shippers are safest, cheapest and greenest?

From Wines and Vines:

Pulp preferred

Vynapse LLC (dba Pack n’ Ship Direct) of Windsor, Calif., provides consumer-direct shipping services including warehousing, storage, fulfillment and packaging for some 250 West Coast wineries. Nohemi Flores, business developer, explained that wines come to the company’s warehouses from all sizes of wineries—sometimes in cases, sometimes in pallets. “We provide the shippers,” Flores said. 

Pack n’ Ship will use whatever materials the client requests, but a conversation with Jeff Weiss, operations manager, and Rick Gant, from the company’s supplier Landsburg Packaging Plus, revealed a strong bias for old-fashioned, biodegradable molded fiber “laydown” inserts. Pack n’ Ship sources the familiar “egg carton” trays from Western Pulp Products Co., which uses a minimum of 99% post-consumer recycled paper, verified by Scientific Certification Systems, for its patented Vintner’s Choice wine shippers

Gant, introduced as “more partner than supplier,” said bluntly that while his company can provide wineries with any current shipping option, “I would recommend pulp.” Though bulkier than corrugated inserts (a serious consideration for the smallest wineries), Weiss said that all-corrugated shippers are heavier, weighing down the bottom line and the carbon footprint by as much as two pounds per shipment. Corrugated manufact urers also have imposed “three major price increases this year,” Weiss said.

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