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An Informal Test of Wine Shippers

a Wine Business Monthly Article

Informal Test of Wine Shippers - Wine Business Monthly 10.6.2009

"Most people expect EPS to be a far better thermal insulator than paper molded pulp trays. A February 2009 Wine Business Monthly article suggests that the belief that EPS is a superior insulator for wine shipments is widely held by people in the wine industry. I decided to conduct some tests to determine which packaging material is best at protecting wine from heat."

Going into this informal experiment, I suspected that the WineAssure system might demonstrate the best thermal protection. I also expected the EPS to insulate better than paper molded pulp. These results did not confirm my expectations - the EPS shipper did not seem to insulate as well as the either the flat or clamshell molded pulp packers.

"These findings seem to suggest that EPS's insulating capacity is comparable to a pulp and cardboard system. These are surprising findings."

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