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Vintner’s Choice wine shippers perform well in the test labs and in the field. The patented molded fiber geometries are designed to withstand the hazards of the today’s distribution environment.

Tested Cartons for each shipper

You can have confidence in Vintner's Choice knowing that all shippers have repeatedly met the high standards required by FedEx, UPS, and ISTA test labs. Click on the chart to the left to review a summary of the current test results.

Thermal Protection. 
Two (2) package systems containing 12-Pack Wine Bottles were subjected to temperature testing per ISTA 7D-2007 (PDF), Cyclic Test Profile for winter and summer transport conditions for international shipments from the United States (72 hour International expedited airfreight transport). Full report.

According to the winter and the summer thermal mapping data, there was little difference between the 12 bottle upright EPS wine shipper and [Western's] 12 bottle lay down wine shipper.

The thermal properties of these two package types are similar as depicted in the graphs. Some slight resistance to heat transfer was noted at the center of the EPS package system; however, both packages attained equilibrium in less than a 12 hour period. The insulating characteristics of both package systems are considered to be equal regardless of the location of the bottle within the package system.

- WESTEPACK, Inc. Report No. 111-09-1797 Rev. 1

Testing Provided by Westpak, Inc.
Westpak, Inc. is a full service ISO 9001:2000 Registered, Environmental and Package Test Laboratory. Their founding philosophy is that "integrity is the priceless ingredient in testing." To learn more about Westpak and the services they offer click here.

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