3-6-12 XL with Penner Ash fat bottles

3-6-12 XL

Vintner's Choice®

3-6-12 XL details called out

Introducing the most versatile shipper on the market today.

The 3-6-12 XL was designed to be a single-tray solution to the problem of fitting unusual and extreme bottle profiles, including those with large diameters, high shoulders, and tall, slender lengths. Like all of Western’s shippers, the new design offers the best balance in versatility, economy, performance and sustainability.

The larger, versatile shipper provides room for today’s bottle shapes, more shockabsorbing protection, and a constant carton depth that increases pack-out efficiency.

3 pack
3 Bottle Carton
2 Trays | 1.04 Cubic Feet
6 pack
6 Bottle Carton
3 Trays | 1.49 Cubic Feet
12 pack
12 Bottle Carton
5 Trays | 2.38 Cubic Feet